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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Over a year

Some people may ask "Why haven’t you posted in over a year?", and I would say "I have no idea.” Well I figured I would at least try and write a new entry at least once a week or so. So here is a general update, new apartment (new roommate included), new job, and new classes. Back in June I moved into my new apartment with Kristen. So far it’s good, we both aren’t neat freaks but know when it gets to the "this is nasty" point. The apartment itself is great, big rooms and right across the street from the history building. My new job, at first I didn’t think I was going to like it. But then all of a sudden after everything calmed down, it’s great. Classes on the other hand are a bit harder than I thought. I seem to be putting a lot of work into my 1000 level design class (to get art credit), far to little work into my senior level writing class, and neglecting all of my other reading. Spanish is "fun" but I think I am starting to get it, even though the tests look like I might have a mental handicap. I have a major research paper due in my European History class due next week, I haven’t really started. I get to live in the library for the next few weeks. On a good note, next summer I think I am going to take a Holocaust class (where you go to Germany and travel around and see everything). It will be a good trip, and my friend Michelle is hoping to go as well. I have got the approval to, on the travel day (from Berlin to Munich) to rent a car instead of the train. I will be cruisen to Munich with Michelle in our rented BMW on the Autobahn. Something I have always wanted to do.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Its weird how people you think you know, can completely change. Maybe you don't know them as well as you thought, but it is still awkward on how fast people change. I think college is a weird time for a lot of people, and more interesting for me. I have always considered myself a "mature" person, so naturally I gravitate toward older people. This presents a challenge, my friends graduate, then move away. Then I make friends with people my own age, then start the whole cycle again, when I graduate. As this date approaches (ok I have like 1.5-2 years left), I have to ask where might my life lead me next. I don't think I can handle more school, mostly because I can't stand being poor, having no savings account, and having to wonder "Can I afford to get the latte today". Yes I have a minor addiction to lattes, but that's not the point. I don't think having to worry about being able to afford a 2 dollar drink should be a problem. Now, I am not saying that I am worse of than anybody else, in fact I think I am very well off for a college student. But the coffee thing is my nice thing, other people smoke (lots of things), drink, or other expensive habits. So in the end I want a real job that pays, and I am not talking about a 15 dollar and hour job (28k a year). I am sick of being stepped on in the workforce. Granted a BA in history doesn't do much for me, but I think I will be able to get a start. I think I am definitely going to have to leave Laramie. I don't think I can handle this small town for many more years. Do I want to live on one of the costs or just move to a different country? Throw into this already complicated mix, that I would really like someone to spend my life with, makes my odds of getting all of this very small. I can stand not having someone romantically in my life, at least for the time being but after I leave Laramie, who knows. And now I want is a cup of tea, and my milk smells bad, so I am going to bed.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogger, Apartment, and Me

I hate blogger. I just typed a whole blog, then clicked spell check, we all know I cant spell, then windows blocked it, saying it was a pop up. Then I said allow pop ups and it deleted my whole thing. Ok, so my apartment. I think my apartment is a poo hole. I like my little apartment, however there are lots of little things that are starting to get to me. We will start in the bathroom, where I am getting a little irritated with the size. Saying its small is generous. There would be room for a full size bath, but they decided to put in a shower, that need a walkway into the shower that is as big as the shower, granted its not that much space. Moving on to the kitchen, its small but it works. The fridge I think is heading south, nothing is staying very cold, so I cranked it up last night, we will see how it works. I hate doing dishes, with a passion. So the other night I ordered a small dishwasher on wheels, the stupid countertop one is too tall by about an inch. The bedroom is fine though I wish I more closet space (what gay man doesn't!). I think the carpet needs to be replaced in the bedroom, but I don't think I am going to ask my landlady, the bathroom takes priority. The living room is nice and large but I wish the fireplace worked. And throughout the apartment I have ants and spiders. The ants aren't normal ants, the are mini ants, that are too small to eat the poison that I put out for them. Did you know spiders hate Scrubbing Bubbles?, like they die instantly?
So for the past three days I have had a nasty headache, not migrane but still painful. The only thing that helps stop the headache is mass amount of expresso, and naps. Work has also been crazy, and shows no signs of slowing down. Mass amounts of computers showing up that all have to be installed by the end of the month, then testing and the email merge next month. But the good thing is IT approved overtime, so if you cant find me I am at work or trying to kill the headache with coffee. I think that's all for the time being.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Go West Young Nerd

We salute our Locutus of Blog, Abra, as she joins the ranks of the graduated and begins her life in Seattle. We send her off with open hearts and our warmest of wishes. Take luck and enjoy your adventures, NerdyGirl, but remember we are only a blog post away.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Interview game

Here are The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

I think I do pretty good work with the questions, so someone let me interview them.

Ok here are the questions from the Dark Rev:
1) Monkeys fly out of your butt. How did they get there?
--Who knew when you eat babies, they turn into monkeys?!

2) Your new computer comes preloaded with software that allows you to contact dead celebrities. Who do you call first?
-- It would be Hitler. I knoI, i am a weird history major. I would like to say, "So you went wrong with the whole "hating everybody" thing. You could have taken over the world or at least kept control over Germany if you blamed the French. Everyone hates the French, even in the future." ThIn i would design a virus and take down hells mainframe, just for the "hell" of it.

3) Who would you rather be captured by, the Vogons or the Ferengi?
-- Ferengi all the way. I could totally bargain my way out of anything they tried to pull.

4) How many steps removed are you from the throne of England, and how do you plan to eliminathesehse between you and the crown?
-- Well my English roots are very, very far away from the thrown, Io i would have to say just get ride of the whole island and thIn i could start over. Or is mass murdisn'tsnt your thing, which its not my stylI, i would just marry into the royal family. Either Prince Harry or Will, cause damn, Princess Di had the good genes.

5) In your time as an employee of the computer labs, who was the most annoying and/or weird person you have ever had to help?
--Well there is the always famous cat lady. BIt i think the persIn i modespiseice is this one guy who like to demand that we have green sheets for the bubble sheet scanner. He thinks my job is to be here to get things for him, and he is very wrong. I may have said, "I am sorry its not the laresponsibilityity to have bubble sheets, and Iodon'tont have any". He stidoesn'tsnt understand thItdon'tont like him.

Well that was fun, exept for the monkeys.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Its been a while AGAIN

I am really bad at keeping up with blogging. When I have a summer class, that makes me do homework, I try and get it done. Well the class is done, (I got a B) so I can in theory keep up with blogging. So I sold my stock today, then spent more than the stocks and rent deposit return (don't ask about that damn pile of poo. Oh yeah don't lease an apartment at Shilopark) on a new computer. Yeah, I really wanted a new box to play all the new super fun games that I haven't been able to play for a long time. I will post more about it later.
This will be a short post, because the Rev. will be interviewing me. I am kinda scared.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Kitty, then No kitty

Ok so here is the story. I went and adopted a kitten yesterday. He was a cute little white guy Then last night after spending all night watching him and hold him, that I don't think it was right for me to keep him. I know what you are thinking, "Drew its a kitten he will grow out of it and be fine being alone", which I understand. Still I don't think its fair to him, to grow up in a basement where daddy leaves all the time, and he never knows when I would be home. So I slept on this big decision, to keep him cause I really like him or take him back and do whats best for him. Well as you can tell by the title I took him back, to hopefully be adopted by a nice family with some kids that are off for summer and will play with him all day. I like to think that I did the right thing but I am sure some of you will think that he should have stayed with me. I have to wonder if I was being selfish by adopting him in the first place. The shelter people were nice, but the guy that kinda pushed me into adopting (by saying if I don't adopt him then, he would be gone), seemed a little put out. I understand the hassle with all the paperwork they had to do, but when I worked at the shelter I would have rather seen an animal come back if the owner didn't think they could properly take care of it. This seemed like a poopy situation for me because either he was unhappy at my house, until he adjusted or I was unhappy for giving him back. Life will move on I guess.